Favorite Home Features

At Urban Nest, we love adding special touches that simplify your life and keep up with your lifestyle.  From home automation with digital shower controls and thermostats to video doorbells and whole home audio systems, below are three of our favorite home tech features.


U by Moen Shower

This popular feature allows you to warm up your shower before you step foot inside.  Preset your preferred temperature and U by Moen will let you know when the water is just right! 

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Know who comes to your door and say hello!  This interactive doorbell feature is standard with Urban Nest Homes.

Whole Home Audio with Sonos

With the Sonos amp, take your music and podcasts with you no matter where you go in your house.  For every room that has a speaker there are also independent volume controls so you can turn it up or turn it off throughout your home!

Tankless Water Heaters

No more racing to the shower to get to the hot water first!  There are tankless water heaters in every Urban Nest home.

Meet the Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostats are standard in every Urban Nest Homes build. Control your thermostat from straight from your phone! It'll even learn your favorite settings and adjust according to your schedule.